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Week 7 mkmma

The ocean is a deep dark place when you are caught in the middle and have no boat in site. Old blueprint climbing back in….will it away, will it away!!!! Love in my heart for everything is pretty simple right? That guy just cut me off in trafficūüĎŅ, revert to peace and love. Cursed, start over! Work frustration, negative thoughts dwelling….start over! I’ve started over what, ten times this week, but I’ve noticed what I’m doing and corrected at times. Need to be diligent, the future is at stake, love will keep it together! Love for everyone, pure and simple, radiating outward to melt that cold hard clay which seems to be everywhere! I will persevere and succeed!

Week6 of mkmma

OMG! I feel like I am drowning with no life preserver in sight. The intensity is great, I need to chip away !!!! Subby is one stubborn SOB. Yoda said it well. Do or do not, There is no try. DO IT NOW! The problem is trying to do it now while I am driving around for work, or on my 15 min coffee break or lunch or making dinner, or helping kids with homework or blah blah blah. Excuses right? Does anyone else feel my pain?¬† I guess I cant try…Do.

My press release!

September 1, 2020,8 Plumber makes good on his promise to helping those less fortunate! ¬†Steve used to spend his days toiling away as a service plumber in Edmonton Alberta but now he fills his days with cooking and cleaning ¬†at his refuge in Costa Rica. Four years ago Steve began work on his multilevel marketing business and his energy and dedication has paid off in spades! Four years later with half a million in the bank and and $20,000 coming in every month has enabled him to invest in this magnificent Spanish colonial ¬†retreat down here in the jungle of Costa Rica . ¬†One thing you may notice is the numerous amount of children playing in the courtyard during their lunch break, this is no ordinary school. ¬†It ¬†is a refuge for homeless and orphaned children. ¬†The local volunteers and paid staff always have plenty to do in order to keep this place running. ¬†There is a massive garden with all kinds of vegetables and an orchard filled with fruit trees, organic produce is in abundance here . When the children aren’t in school they are always eager to help out with the daily chores. ¬†The mansion has 30 rooms with bunkbeds and large washroom facilities to accommodate up to 50 children. The kids never go hungry as the large chefs kitchen and local cooks keep them fed three times a day. ¬†Steve ¬†regularly travels back-and-forth from Edmonton to make sure his own kids are well taken care of at home. ¬†He was able to buy back his original home and complete renovations on it. The two-story ¬†House with the large two-tiered wraparound deck had previously been lost due to financial hardship. ¬†The home away from home is finished like a show home with lots of entertainment area wet bar downstairs with the saltwater aquarium backdrop. ¬†No expense was spared when finishing the details on his dream home. Mocha granite throughout, hardwood walnut flooring, steam sauna tiled bath….the list goes on! While at his home in Edmonton Steve also gets to drive his children to and from school in his brand new Tesla model X. This vehicle is trimmed out in silver metallic paint with a black leather interior and a power plant that goes 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds. ¬†The G forces thrust you back in your seat when you take off. Look out here comes a rockstar ! Life in Edmonton is not the same anymore since most of his free time is spent in the tropics but he always has his original home to come back to. ¬†Freedom to do what he wants when he wants is the lifestyle ¬†he truly believes everybody can have and should have ! ¬†Upon return to Costa Rica Steve settles in to helping out in the kitchen making breakfast for the kids, and upon them all having their fill he gets to sit in his easy chair in the lush green courtyard, savouring his freshly brewed local coffee. The aroma is exquisite! Steve’s heart swells with pride knowing the impact he is making on the lives of so many in his own little paradise!

week 4 of MKMMA!

I’m concerned…I think I’m going to miss scroll 1! I’ve¬† never read anything before that is so important to building the new me, let alone so many times! I can start to see the gentle push inside me to do it now, not do it later. I love this new task of reading every day, my mind wont stop thinking about it if I put it off. I can be what I will to be!!! I have also noticed the smiles more now that I greet every person with a gift of some sort. Smiles are contagious and there is never enough positivity to go around, pay it forward makes the day go by so much faster! Finding those pesky green triangles though…they definitely are not very common, good thing my workboots have a CSA logo on them! I only have to look down to see the new symbol! It would be great if this course was taught in school! think how many lives would be changed for the better! God bless you Mark for your dedication to showing and sharing your knowledge with us!

Week 3 of mkmma

Frustration!!! The old me, concrete, procrastination, disorganization, go away already!!! I recently published an about me page and now it is gone apparently. ūüė© One day I will be tech savvy, I’m not right now apparently. Bad day for trying to accomplish everything. Time keeps ticking but frustration at working hard on doing something only to find it’s …..gone? OMG this can’t be happening, tangible requirement, was in on time, even with my computer crashing on me. I guess I will do another after this. Hard to believe the red circles…. more rectangles i think unless those tail lights are red circles, hmmm even the square ones look round from a distance. I think I’ll go with that, I ¬†want to see more anyway! Stress is building, time is at a premium, need to meditate, happy place, calm. Do it now!!!

Week 2 of MKMMA!

Well here we go! Week¬†number 2 of the master keys! I’m still feeling overwhelmed with trying to manage my time and organize so I can accomplish everything that I need. Wow, I really hope that this becomes easier. I would never quit something that i feel is so detrimental to my future but at the same time my subconscious¬† is sitting there waiting in the wings to try to sabotage¬†my efforts. I realize that almost 50 years of concrete is not something that can be just hosed off as if its remants from a pidgeon gathering but I trust MJ in his ability to guide me to where I need to be! Does anybody else feel the struggle as I do? I kind of feel like maybe I’m the only one. I’m sure others have similar challenges, probably some far greater than I have. I so desperately want to form good habits and do away with the past, as this is the only way to my future. A future where I have the ability to be the generous and giving person that I think this world requires of me. I want to be a hero to my children and give them the best chance to experience all life has to offer!

Week 1 of mkmma!

WOW! What a way to start a new week and a new life! Well, right off the bat It’s hard to believe the excitement I have within my being, of starting the process of ridding myself of the old me! The master key master mind alliance is the real deal, no doubt in my mind. Bad habits can be changed and in return a new life can be formed. Nothing will stop me from achieving this goal and changing my destiny. I’ve talked to a few people who are in the same program and I guess a word that’s often heard is overwhelming. I guess I felt that too in the beginning but most times that can be said for something that is new! In this day and age reading from an actual paperback book is growing less common. It’s a shame really as I have already begun to enjoy again something I used to do quite often in the past! What better way to rekindle the love of reading than in a course like this! I can hardly wait to start on the second scroll and enjoy the fruits of development of another new habit!